BENG 221 Mathematical Methods in Bioengineering

Department of Bioengineering
University of California San Diego

Fall 2018

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Problem Solving and Presentations

The problem solving sessions offer an exercise in bioengineering problem formulation and solving, demonstrating creative thinking, effective teamwork, and clear presentation skills. In groups of nominally three students you will:

Group assignments, and the scheduling of presentations, are made during the first week of classes. Each group presents once, with two group presentations each meeting time. Time your presentations not to exceed a total of 20 minutes, not including questions. Use the whiteboard and/or your computer with provided projector for your presentations. There will be 5-10 minutes for questions, and you can use the whiteboard to answer questions. The report is due one week after your presentation, and should include title, presenters' names, problem statement, simplified solution, numerical validation, conclusion, and references/credits. Use diagrams and graphs to document the problem and the solutions. The report should be submitted over TritonEd, in PDF format. Revised submissions in response to feedback are welcome (and encouraged) through the end of finals week. Final versions of reports will be posted on the class web page as a service to future students taking the class searching for ideas and inspiration.

You may consult anyone on your problem statement and methods, but you must do the problem solving yourselves, working with your group companion. You must also give credit to all sources where these guided your problem statement or solutions. Where these sources are in the open literature, you must cite the publications in print or on-line.

Success, and enjoy!

Example Reports: