BENG 260 / BGGN 260 / PHYS 279 | Fall 2017

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Project Timeline

Week Date Monday Friday
7 11/15 Veterans Day! No class
Midterm (due 11:59pm)
Group roster, and brief description
8 11/18, 11/22 Abstract due Intermediate presentation: Problem statement, methods
9 11/25 Happy Thanksgiving! No class on 11/29
10 12/2, 12/6 Final presentations Final presentations
FW 12/15 Final Paper Due
Note: Send all deliverable materials (group, title, abstract, and final paper) over TritonEd - one submission per group please.

Brief Description

A one line / one sentence description or title of your proposed project. Include a list of the people in your group (groups of 1-3).


One or two paragraphs with background information, proposed methods, and expected results.

Intermediate Presentations

Short (3-5 min per group member) informal presentations. You may provide a computer-based presentation, maybe with some live simulations, or just talk and use the whiteboard.
You do not need to turn in these materials.

Final Presentation

Presentations of your complete project. Each member should present for about 5-7 min (overall [5-7]*size(group) minutes long). Your presentation should be self-contained, but to the point. Include brief background, methods, results, conclusions/discussion, and future directions.

Final Paper

Prepare your final paper using the formatting guidelines and style templates of the NIPS proceedings. There is no page limit, but about five pages is recommended. Include title, your names, abstract, introduction, methods, results, conclusions, and references. Quantify your methods with equations where appropriate, and include figures or tables to show key results. Send your final paper, one per group, in pdf format.