BENG 260 / BGGN 260 / PHYS 279 | Fall 2016

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All class meetings are from 3:00-4:50pm in Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall, Room 161

Date Topic Lecture Materials
9/23 Orientation and computational laboratory introduction
9/28, 9/30 Biophysical foundations. Channel transport and membrane dynamics; Nernst equilibrium and Goldman-Hodgkin-Katz equation. W1 Lecture
10/5, 10/7 Full and reduced single-compartment neural models. Hodgkin-Huxley, FitzHugh-Nagumo and Moris-Lecar equations. W2 Lecture
10/12, 10/14 Nonlinear dynamics of neural firing. Null clines, stationary points, stability, bifurcation, limit cycles. W3 Lecture
10/19, 10/21 Conductance based models of synaptic coupling between neurons. Fast and slow acting chemical synapses, gap junctions. W4 Lecture
10/26, 10/28 Spike timing-dependent synaptic plasticity. Hebbian learning and principal component analysis. Mean-rate STDP model, correlation learning and homeostasis. W5 Lecture
11/2, 11/4 Computational modeling and efficient emulation of large networks. Conductance-based integrate-and-fire models; time-domain and event-based emulators; neuromorphic systems. W6 Lecture
11/9 Neurophysiology foundations, and brain connectivity. Making sense of the connectome data: causal dynamics from structural networks. W7 Lecture
11/16, 11/18 Coherent collective neural dynamics. Brain waves and EEG.
     Guest lecture by Scott Makeig
11/23 Learning over extended time scales. Dopamine phasic prediction error for reward; temporal difference reinforcement learning.
     Guest lecture by Terry Sejnowski
11/30, 12/2 Project final presentations. All are welcome! Fall 2016 Projects