Our Mission

We are committed to training future generations of scientists and engineers leading advances in integrated systems neuroengineering, neurotechnology, and neuroscience towards transformative impact in the effectiveness, efficiency, and resilience of engineered natural intelligence inspired by biology, and in service to humanity and society for a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

One of the greatest challenges in neuroengineering, whether toward new therapies for neurological diseases or toward new means of human-computer interaction, is to advance our fundamental understanding of how the brain functions to the point where we may effectively interface the human brain with engineered systems that approach its intelligence.

Our mission is to design and implement highly energy efficient, massively parallel microchips that emulate function and structure of adaptive neural circuits in silicon. Inspired by the efficiency and functional organization of brain circuits, we aim to use these micropower silicon integrated circuits to increasingly forge closer connections with neurobiology and make inroads in interfacing to biological neural systems on larger and finer scale for remediating neurological disease and advancing the understanding of cognitive brain function.

These dynamical interfaces between living and artificial nervous systems offer tremendous opportunities for transformative, integrative neuroscience and neuroengineering that are the focus of continued research in the Cauwenberghs laboratory, in collaboration with partners in academia, industry, and the clinical sector.