520.496-497 VLSI Design and Prototyping Workshop

Johns Hopkins University
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hands-on laboratory where students individually complete the design, layout, and testing of a VLSI circuit implementing a system-on-chip. Examples include CMOS computational imagers, video and speech coders, pattern recognition processors, and biointerfaces. Both semesters need to be completed in order to receive course credit. Chips are fabricated through MOSIS at the end of the first semester, and experimentally characterized in the second. Coursework includes in-class presentation of design and measured results.

Instructor: Prof. Gert Cauwenberghs, Barton 209/400B, gert@jhu.edu

Time and location: Th 1-2, Barton 225, plus regular individual meetings

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Credits: 3
Pre/Coreqs: 520.491, 520.492, or 520.493


Fall 2004 (520.496):

Spring 2005 (520.497):

Gert Cauwenberghs
September 8, 2004