• Neuroengineering

    ISN is committed to elevating research, education, and service in integrated systems neuroengineering to new heights

  • Mobile Dry EEG Brain-Body Activity Imaging

    Mobile Dry EEG Brain-Body Activity Imaging: Cognionics 64-channel wireless dry EEG system and UCSD SIFT and ASR

  • Distributed Brain Dynamics of Human Motor Control

    Distributed Brain Dynamics of Human Motor Control

  • Wireless Non-Contact Biopotential Sensors

    Wireless Non-Contact Biopotential Sensors


    ENIAC: Encapsulated Neural Interfacing and Acquisition Chip

  • computer chips

    Our mission is to design and implement highly energy efficient, massively parallel microchips that emulate function and structure of adaptive neural circuits in silicon.

Cauwenbergs lab

Over the years, the UC San Diego Integrated Systems Neuroengineering (ISN) Laboratory has pioneered and refined the engineering of micropower silicon integrated circuits. Inspired by the efficiency and functional organization of brain circuits, we are increasingly forging closer connections with neurobiology and making inroads in interfacing to biological neural systems on larger and finer scale for remediating neurological disease and advancing the understanding of cognitive brain function.

These dynamical interfaces between living and artificial nervous systems offer tremendous opportunities for transformative, integrative neuroscience and neuroengineering that are the focus of continued research in the Cauwenberghs laboratory, in collaboration with partners in academia, industry, and the clinical sector.


Affiliations: Institute for Neural ComputationDepartment of BioengineeringJacobs School of EngineeringUC San Diego